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When we set our theme for our first free design, we thought a fairy room would be nothing but fun.  Our free designs are a complete set of instructions and an item list for reproducing our designs in your own home.  Our gift to you.

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The combination of the romanticism of fairies and the quirkiness of cute little woodland creatures was too hard to resist. We just needed a place to start. We knew that we wanted it to feel like you are in woods magical enough to have fairies in it, with a few hints of fairies here and there, instead of just plastering fairies everywhere. So we started with a brainstorming session.

We used two books for out inspiration. Fairy Art: Artists and Inspirations, by Iain Zaczek, and The World of Fairies: At the Dawn of Pixie Hollow from Disney. This definitely got our juices flowing. We made a list of all the little things that make up a fairy world: glowing lights, birds, butterflies, flowers, dark woods, snails, mushrooms, acorns, trinkets, crowns, furry animals, bright colors with mossy backgrounds, shells, potions, fruit, goblets, water, tiny houses, etc. We used these elements to make our fairy room come to life, and ensure that it really feels enchanted. You might not find Tinker Bell in our room design, but she would feel right at home there.

We spent countless hours searching for the perfect items to make our room everything we wanted it to be. We found beautiful fairy art that sets the tone for the romantic feel of the room.


image from the movie EPIC


image from the movie EPIC


image from Disney’s Tinkerbell

The wallpaper gave the woodsy feel we were looking for, along with the mossy curtains. I could go on, and on about each little detail. I can’t leave out though, our furry friends. Their life like presence is what makes the room so fun and lovable. Your kids can even ride on the deer!

As I rendered the room, I saw it come to life right before my eyes. A piece of that magical world that we all love from movies like EPIC, Disney’s Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, and FernGully. I’d definitely live in that room. Not sure my husband would be on board with that though.

It has been a lot of work, but so rewarding to see our vision come to life: beauty and fun all wrapped up together. I know it will be a blessing to some fabulous little girls out there who dream of wings of their own.

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Desiree Cook



image from the movie EPIC


promotional image for the movie EPIC

epic 2013 movie

image from the movie EPIC

Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue (1)

image from Disney’s Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue