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A Toy Story bedroom is the best kind of bedroom! It is fun and colorful with interesting patterns, textures, and classic characters. This room will grow with your child and never get boring. One of my favorite parts is how light and airy the blue walls with the white clouds make the room feel, while the pops of red and other colors bring excitement. I love my son’s Toy Story room! I know you could love a room like this too.

The Toy Story Room mood board collage and these ordering links are meant to be used as a guideline.  They are our gift to you.  We hope very much that you will adapt this room to fit your space and own sense of style. We apologize in advance for any discontinued items. We will update with alternatives as time allows.

The letter blocks pictured in the design are DIY kits available in every letter. They are available on Etsy and Amazon. The paint colors that are pictured here are Behr ultra flat paint samples in the following colors:

red- Edgy Red UL110-7

blue- Artesian Water S-G-550

yellow- Bright Star S-G-360

green- Par Four Green 440B-7.

Did you create this room in your home? Email us at livinglullabydesigns@gmail.com with pictures for a $100 Visa Giftcard!

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