Spread the magic!

When the first Frozen movie came out and the Frozen craze began, we thought we should definitely do a room design around the movie for our next free design. What we didn’t know is how crazy fun this would be to do. I love taking some sort of theme or movie and translating it into a room design, but this
room practically did it on its own. After I watched the movie to collect ideas, I started looking for items online that would bring the movie to life in a girl’s bedroom. I got really excited when I found items within minutes that couldn’t be more perfect. I was actually having heart palpitations I was so excited by
all the beautiful things I found. We had 15 different rugs that could go perfectly in a Frozen room. We found all sorts of amazing snowflake items, and glass items that look like ice. The color pallet was also so fun to work with, so many beautiful purples and blues. The possibilities seemed endless.

The hard part of this design was definitely narrowing down the choices and creating an atmosphere where everything is balanced and coordinated. We decided to make the room more Elsa than Anna, and we had to decide whether to make it feel more like her castle in Arendelle or more like her ice castle.
Our room is some of both, with more of an overall feel of Elsa’s ice castle. At the end of the movie Elsa realizes that her two lives are not mutually exclusive and our room shows that. Our room has both Rosemaling and ice cubes. The Rosemaling on the furniture is done with three different stencils that we
sell, and could be applied to many different surfaces depending on where a little Frozen embellishment is needed.

The two smaller ones come in a set, and can be purchased on our website, Etsy, or Amazon. The larger one comes in three pieces, and can also be purchased on our website, Etsy, or Amazon.

The purple wall color has just the right amount of depth and softness to it. It contrasts all the turquoises
but is still in keeping with all the cool color tones. One of the most unique features, which is hard to
represent in the rendering, is the fabric canopy draped over the bed. The fabric is sheer with sparkles all over it like Elsa’s cape, and through it is a couple strands of white Christmas lights. The affect is one of
being surrounded by Elsa’s magic. Another feature that adds to this affect is the “swooshes” of Elsa’s magic on the walls. The same magic that creates Elsa’s ice castle dances around the little resident of this room. This is also accomplished with a set of stencils that will soon be available, along with some sparkly white paint done by painting contractors. I’m really glad we hired a painting company to paint the room. They did a really good job!

The headboard is an original Living Lullaby design that can be purchased with or without the stenciling. (Contact us to purchase.) It has a princessy feel reminiscent of a crown, but also speaks faintly of Elsa’s ice castle as well. The headboard with the lit canopy and the stunning snowflake bedding create the focal point of the room where any little girl would feel like royalty.

The power and beauty of nature were a big part of the film. I love how Disney so thoroughly explored the many aspects of ice and displayed it so beautifully throughout the movie. The snowflake photographs show a piece of this. The intricacy and symmetry of real snowflakes reveal the inspiration of Elsa’s magnificent ice castle. 

All the art in the room brings sophistication. We wanted the room to be both super fun and yet be very elegant at the same time. I think even an older girl would really love this bedroom. The Aurora Borealis photograph seems to take you right inside the movie, and the painting of Elsa brings the ice queen herself into the room.


My favorite thing about the room is the accessories. I had a lot of fun finding little things that bring in different parts of the movie. The armor statue and fancy fake chocolates speak of the castle where Elsa and Anna grew up. The ship bookends remind us of the fjord. Of course we included Sven and Olaf, and (my personal favorite) the fake carrot. We also have Grand Pabbie troll and some mossy rocks. Then we have the lantern (like on Kristoff’s sleigh, but Elsafied), the full moon clock, and the ice skate. One final touch is Elsa’s gloves and crown laid out as if this really were Elsa’s room and she has left them sitting out for future use.

Our hope is that all the little girls who were moved by this story can have a piece of the magic to keep and call their own and grow up in for a while. It was so fun to design, and we want the world to enjoy it. If my husband would allow it, I might make it my own bedroom.


Suit of Armor for Frozen

We have all the links to purchase everything in this room design here. If you en devour to create your own Frozen room, we would love to see pictures. You can email them to Livinglullabydesigns@gmail.com.