Spread the magic!

This is an extra fun Christmas surprise for a special kid in your life. A few years ago I did this for my niece. I collected acorns from outside, drew faces on them and decorated them like carolers. They turned out super cute. Then, I bought a singing Christmas card, and attached a ribbon to each side of the card. One ribbon I tied around a rock and the other ribbon I taped to my sister’s front door. I then set up the tiny carolers outside the front of the door. (The recipients must be inside at the time.) When they opened the door, the tiny acorn carolers started singing “Away in a Manger.” She loved the surprise.

It is all the little things that make Christmas special to a child. Try this out this Christmas and see what happens. You could also make the acorns with your children and surprise another family.

(The year before I surprised her with an acorn “baby” in an earings box with Kleenex sheets and pillow. I put a tiny note rolled up with a ribbon in the box that asked my niece to please care for the baby. My niece loved the tiny baby and carried it around with her for days. It also arrived on a trying day on which they had to go to the doctor because of a hurt ankle. The little baby made the day much easier and more fun. The little things.)

I hope your Christmas is filled with many little magical moments.

Desiree Cook