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The first time you slip on those maternity jeans you always feel a little weird, like somebody is punishing you by making you wear fat pants. I’ve come to realize though that they are actually way better and something to be appreciated for a time instead of loathed.

First of all, they definitely help the muffin top issue. Unless you are a twig, jeans either fall down or squeeze your love handles into the unattractive muffin top look. (“Mom” jeans being the exception, but don’t we all want to avoid that stereotype?)  With maternity pants (or maturtley pants as my niece calls them) it is easier to find pants that fit because of the elastic waist and they don’t squish your fat in unsightly ways. This, of course, makes them more comfortable to wear as well. You never have those tight jeans digging into you when you sit down, which is a relief after dealing with this a lot for the first part of your pregnancy.

They are also easier to get up and down for those frequent potty breaks you must accept when you are pregnant. You also never have to worry that your fly is down, or (my personal favorite) that your butt crack is showing when you sit down.

I wouldn’t choose to stay in maternity pants forever, just as I would not choose to stay pregnant forever, but for a while, it is nice to do away with some of those little daily problems. Sometimes, as with pregnancy, you have to appreciate the good stuff and try to forget all the bad stuff.