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This mermaid nursery is a super sweet and fun design for your baby mermaid. The soft colors make it a sweet nursery and yet it has a sense of adventure. Girls have long been fascinated with mermaids. They are like us but live in a totally different realm. This room is a piece of that beauty and mystery that inhabits the underwater world.

This mermaid nursery mood board collage and these ordering links are meant to be used as a guideline.  They are our gift to you.  We hope very much that you will adapt this room to fit your space and own sense of style. We apologize in advance for any discontinued items. We will update with alternatives as time allows.

This room features our beloved creation- the Mermaid Lullaby Sack wearable blanket for babies.  We designed it to keep our little ones safe at night while giving mom and dad a grin.  Please check them out in our store for more information.  They are also available on amazon here.

Did you create this room in your home? Email us at livinglullabydesigns@gmail.com with pictures for a $100 Visa Giftcard!

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